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Family Business

Family Business Advice

Family Business Advice

Are you looking for advice for your family business? You are in the right place. I am a specialist family business adviser, here to help. 

Overcoming the challenges of being in business with your family can help you and your family thrive, things that are worthwhile doing are worth doing well and I am here to support you throughout the process.

I work alongside you to help you achieve alignment between the vision of your family, the purpose of the business and aspirations of the individuals involved. There are no ‘off the shelf’ solutions, we work together to create what is needed to help your family.

If you would like to have a chat about how I could help you, please get in touch

Problems I help solve

  • Discussions around the future leadership or ownership of the business.
  • Communication with your senior management teams.
  • Disagreements over the future direction of the business.
  • Not knowing whether the next generation should or will join the business.
  • Boundaries between family and business becoming ‘fuzzy’.
  • Next generation feeling trapped in the family business.
  • Sibling rivalry
  • Senior generation not letting go.
  • Husband and wife teams having difficulty communicating with each other.
  • Integration of non-family management teams into the family business.

Next Generation Coaching

Growing up in a Family Business can bring with it a fantastic opportunity but along with that comes many pressures.

If you would like to benefit from support from someone who understands these pressures and can help you to face these with confidence.

We will create a positive path together to help you to fulfil your ambitions and understand the role your family business can play in you living a fulfilled and rewarding life either within the business or independent of it.

Family Business

My consultancy service provides you with a framework and a process that will help you gain clarity on the strategy and purpose of your business and the role it can play in the lives of all those involved.

I work alongside you to help you to create alignment between the vision of the family, the strategy of the business and aspirations of the individuals involved.

I use my knowledge, expertise and experience to facilitate the discussions that need to be had to help you thrive.

Life Planning

Life is not a rehearsal.

If you were facing your final day on this mortal coil, what would be your biggest regret?

What didn’t you do?

Who didn’t you get to become?

If you would like to explore your purpose in life and the role that your family business can play in this I can work with you to do just that. It is an uplifting and rewarding experience


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When making the exciting decision to start a business with my husband, the complexities of working with family didn't cross my mind. Rather than deliver a positive change in lifestyle, we found ourselves bringing the marriage into the business and the business into the marriage! Working with Russ helped us define structure and boundaries between work and home, and create distinct roles that would enable us to work to our strengths while managing expectations of each other. We found the sessions fun and engaging, and learned as much about ourselves as we did each other.
Rachel and Sam
Business Owners
We have worked with Russ on a number of projects with our clients and within our own team as well. He has an incredible talent for creating an environment where it feels safe to respond to difficult questions.

Not only is this useful for resolving differences, but also for understanding why business processes are not working the way that they should. Russ’ keeps you focused on the reason why you are doing what you do.

Having him involved has given my team an incredibly powerful boost.
Business Owner