The Family Business Partnership


What is family business consulting?

And how can it help you?

Whether you are facing challenges within your family business, or you are being proactive in avoiding them, it can be really difficult to know where to look for the advice needed to move forward. Who is there that you can turn to who will represent the best interest of the family as a whole, rather than the business?

A Family Business Consultant could be just who you need to help you progress.

As a specialist family business adviser, I work with you as a family, as individuals and as a business to explore these challenges and the options available to you to resolve them.

Our focus will be on what you as a family want to achieve with the business as a family and individuals and how best to do that. 

Succession Planning

Succession planning is a process and not an event and is something that needs to be approached with care. 

We will work together to ensure that all voices are heard and a positive plan is put in place to ensure continuity.

Family Governance

This can be a way to formalise some of the way your family interacts with the business. 

We can work together to see what governance may be able to do for your business. 


If you are struggling with communication within your family business I can help. 

You can’t read the label of the jar you are in and so I can often provide new and insightful insights to assist. 

How to Get Started

Sometimes there is the need to bring in expert advice from outside of the family.

You can often feel as though you are the only family facing the challenges that you are facing but whilst your family is unique, the challenges that you are facing are not.

The first step to us working together is for you to get in touch, you can do so via email, phone or by booking a call with me here. In this call we will discuss what challenges you are facing and how I may be able to help.

The next thing will be for us to arrange a time to discuss how I can help with the other members of your family. The process requires everyone to be bought into it and be willing to contribute to its outcome.

After this we will agree the framework and the cost for the project and arrange the logistics. Given the current situation with COVID-19 when face to face meetings are not possible I am able to use Zoom or Teams and whilst not perfect, it is still a way for us to meet ‘face to face’.

Family Business Advice


I work with business owning families.

More specifically, I work with what is known as the family ‘system’. This typically includes everyone in the business owning family who has an influence over what happens with the business. This is not necessarily limited to those that own or work within the business as it can include spouses of those that do. Depending on the structure of the business this may sometimes include non-family members within the business.  

I have added a section a little lower on this page covering my fees. I will always explain and agree a fee prior to commencing work with you. 

The work that we do together requires commitment from everyone involved in the process. This requires trust in both directions and in my experience it is easier to build trust face to face. Whilst we may not be able to meet face to face, in person, at the moment, we are able to meet face to face using technology. This is not perfect but it is better than not meeting at all. If circumstances allow we will be able to meet in person, if not we can use technology.  

No. Business consultants tend to focus on purely the business. My work is focussed on the family dynamics and helping you to navigate the complexities that come from being in business with your family. My work will obviously factor in, and potentially influence the business but my primary focus is on you as a business owning family. 

No, and you wouldn’t want me to! I do however, work alongside your other professional advisers to ensure that there is coherency in our advice. Very often my work with you will make it easier for your other professional advisers to do what they are paid to do as you have a greater sense of clarity. 

Probably, yes. Whilst your family is unique, with a mix of different personalities, the process that I follow coupled with many years of experience working with families means that I can deal with most things! 


You’re probably wondering how much it would cost for us to work together. Each family’s situation is different and so it is difficult to be specific here as what my fee would be. However, I am keen to be as transparent as I can be about my pricing and will always agree a fee with you prior to commencing work.

Some of the factors that influence my fee are:

  • How many days I am required for throughout each stage of work
  • How many family members I will be working with
  • The size and complexity of the family enterprise.
  • The size and complexity of the challenges faced.

I know this isn’t ideal, but I would be very happy to discuss in more detail. Us working together is an investment on your behalf and you need to feel confident that this represents good value for you.

As an indication the typical minimum fee investment from you would be £5,000, covering stages 1 & 2. Ongoing project work (stages 3 and 4) is paid for via a retainer, typically a minimum of £1,500 per month. Our work together will require change and it is not always easy but if you are committed to and engaged with the process you will gain far more from it than if you are not.


I have put together a guide to help explain how we would work together. 

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When making the exciting decision to start a business with my husband, the complexities of working with family didn't cross my mind. Rather than deliver a positive change in lifestyle, we found ourselves bringing the marriage into the business and the business into the marriage! Working with Russ helped us define structure and boundaries between work and home, and create distinct roles that would enable us to work to our strengths while managing expectations of each other. We found the sessions fun and engaging, and learned as much about ourselves as we did each other.
Rachel and Sam
Business Owners
We have worked with Russ on a number of projects with our clients and within our own team as well. He has an incredible talent for creating an environment where it feels safe to respond to difficult questions.

Not only is this useful for resolving differences, but also for understanding why business processes are not working the way that they should. Russ’ keeps you focused on the reason why you are doing what you do.

Having him involved has given my team an incredibly powerful boost.
Business Owner