The Family Business Partnership

The Mindful Family Business

The Mindful Family Business

The Mindful Family Business is a unique programme that helps to tackle the complexity of being in business with your family through the ancient teachings of Buddha. 

It will challenge your preconceived ideas and help you to gain clarity on your relationship with your family and the family business. 

It is healthy, for the business, the family as a whole, and each individual involved, to learn how to develop a fresh, more objective perspective of the situation each member is in, so that clearer aims, hopes, and visions can be explored together in a positive, respectful and constructive manner. This is what The Mindful Family Business will help you achieve.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is being aware of what’s happening in the present moment both within your body and around you. Living in the moment is widely understood to help you develop peace of mind and true happiness and mindfulness can help you be present. As we become more aware of our thoughts, feelings and emotions we start to see more clearly what makes us happy and what causes us to be sad or stressed. We begin to notice what we can do to help ourselves create peace of mind and well-being both for ourselves and those around us. Real mindfulness is a lifelong journey which requires guidance and a lot of practise.

Why Mindfulness and Family Business?

So why do we think this combination matters? Well, in our view mindfulness can be applied to, and benefit, any walk of life. It’s a universal skill, a practice that develops our understanding of how the mind and emotions and reactions work, and that helps us slowly but surely master these qualities of mind. So it develops self-control, and it nurtures compassion and a wider perspective at the same time. The issues that are most challenging for business families are not the business matters, but the ones where business and family might intersect. Hence succession of ownership, succession of leadership, whether to join the family business or not, sibling or cousin or parent-child clashes, and so on.

The Mindful Family Business Programme

Our unique family business programme will guide you through the teachings of mindfulness and how these can be applied to your family business to increase clarity, coherency and enhance the working relationships and lives of those within the business.

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Meet the Team

Martin Stepek

Martin Stepek is. From the position of the eastern philosophies which he studies, that would suffice. He just is.

But to satisfy the needs of western culture with its complex commodification and categorisation, more needs to be said. Martin was a family business owner and director, and is now a poet, author, teacher of mindfulness, family business “observer”, and family history researcher and story-teller.

Most importantly, he is content and at peace, and tries to help others be likewise

Russ Haworth

Russ is a Family Business Adviser with a curious mind. 

He has been awarded the Advanced Certificate in Family Business advising from the FFI.

He is the Co-Director of The Quest for Legitimacy, a global research and program focussing on helping the Rising Generation reduce their isolation, achieve agency, and discover the true contribution they can make in the world.